Ripple I YFB-5 - History

Ripple I YFB-5 - History

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Ripple I

YFB-5 was built as Wave (q.v.), but was named Ripple from 4 February 1916 until again renamed, Faithful, on 10 April 1918.

Ripple II

(SP-2439: dp. 457; 1. 114'4" (reg.); b. 22'6"; dr. 11'7"; s. 11 k.;
epl. 22; a. 2 3 par.; cl. Foam)

The second Ripple was launched 20 November 1910 by Fore River Shipbuilding Co., Quiney, Mass., as a steel fishing trawler for the Bay State Fishing Co. of Mas.sachusetts. During 1917 the commercial U.S. trawlers Foam, Ripple, and Spray were purchased by the Czarist Russian Government. Ripple being renamed T44, but remained in the United States due to the deteriorating Russian political situation. She was chartered 29 May 1918 for U.S. Navy service under her original mercantile name, Ripple, and placed in service 6 August 1918 at Tebo's Yacht Basin, N.Y., Chief Boatswain Mate Lewis E. Dodd in command.

Outfitted as a minesweeper, Ripple operated on patrol and minesweeping duty off the Ambrose and Fire Island light vessels into 1919 while stationed at Base No. 8, Tompkinsville N.Y. Decommissioned 11 February 1919 at the New York Navy Yard, Ripple was returned to representatives of the Czarist Russian Government the same day.

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