What date does a 1738 British author intend by “soon after the revolution”?

In the February 1738 The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume XIII at page 80:

It is stated:

A manuscript writen by a great Uncle of mine, who dy'd soon after the Revolution came lately into my hands.

What does "soon after the Revolution" mean?

The Wikipedia page for English Revolution makes it sound like there is more than one possibility.

In the text, he describes the history of the game of Blind Man's Buff and other childrens' games through various reigns. At the bottom-right of the page, the text states:

"At the Revolution, when all People recover'd their Liberty,… "

Since this immediately follows a paragraph describing how the game was played during the reigns of Charles II and James II, it is clear that "the Revolution" referred to here is The Glorious Revolution of 1688.

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